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Shvoong Home>Books>Gospel of Matthew; the Bible Review

Gospel of Matthew; the Bible

Book Review   by:Ann Patterson     Original Authors: Matthew; God
The Gospel of Matthew, Bible New Testament

The writer of Matthew is assumed to be the tax collector, Matthew, who became a Christian believer.
The book begins by tracing the geneaology of Jesus from David, the son of Abraham. Then it leads to the birth of Jesus the Christ telling different aspects than Luke. Matthew tells how God spoke to Joseph to marry Mary because she was pregnant to bear His own Son.

Matthew tells the story of the Magi, the 3 wise men who believed that the King of the Jews was born in Bethelem and they visited him. They did not abey Herod the king who wanted to get rid of anyone called a King. Then Matthew tells of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus traveling to Egypt so that the child would not be killed in the massacre by Herod who killed all the male children in Bethlehem.

He tells about John the Baptist whom Jesus asked to baptize Him.When He came out of the water,the Spirit of God descend like a dove from Heavenwith the voice of God said that Jesus was His son.

The most valued chapter in the Bible is Matthew chapter 5 which is called The Sermon on the Mount. All of the chapter and chapters 6 and 7 include that sermon.

Jesus blesses the children, interviews the rich young ruler who decides that he had rather be rich than a Christian.

He begins to predict His own death and resurrection as predicted in the Old Testament.

Matthew tells how wonderfully the crowd in Jerusalem welcomed and praised Jesus when He entered the city riding on a donky. Later the same people shouted for Jesus to be crucified because He had called Himself the King of the Jews.

At His last meal/supper with his 12 disciples, He told Judas to go on and betray Him as planned.He told the ever faithful Peter that he would betray Jesus.

Jesus took His disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray andHe prayed with them. He moved away from them while He prayed to ask God that if it was possible to take the mission away from Him. That prayer was not answered.

While praying, Jesus was arrested by those who had paid Judas 30 pieces of silver to tell them when and where that they could arrest Jesus. Judas later killed himselfruthlessly.

Jesus was crucified by being hung ona cross by Roman soldiers. On the wooden cross was a sign that told that Jesus was the King of the Jews. They nailed his hands through the wrists to the cross and his feet too.and they stabbed him with a spear into his side.

While hanging on the cross, the Jews told Him that if he really was God's Son that He should just get off the cross. They laughed while they accused that He couldn't save Himself. For 3 hours whileHe was on the cross, there was darkness everywhere.

Then after the ninth hour of hanging there, Matthew writes that Jesus shouted in a loud voice talking to His Father, God. He question God about forsaking Him while He suffered there in the darkness. Later He cried out in a loud voice then died.

At the same time, the curtain in the Jewish temple tore in two from top to bottom, an earthquake happened causing rocks to break, tombs opened allowing the saints who were dead in them togo into the town. This was to send a message to the Jews and their priests. When the people saw and felt all those happenings many of the Jewsdeclared that Jesus really was the Son of God.

At the foot of the cross watching Jesus' die and praying, were women. Included in the group was Mary Magdalene (often believed to have been the prostitute whom Jesus saved from being stoned to death. Another woman was Mary who was the wife of Joseph and the mother of James and Joseph as well as the mother of other disciples. The third morning after Jesus had been buried in the tomb, the women went there to cleanse his body and conduct other Jewish rituals.

When Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to the grave, they found that an earthquake had occurred and rolled away the entre-stone. There, they saw an angel who spoke to them and told them that Jesus wasn't there and that they were to go quickly and tell His disciples. As they were leaving the area, Jesus met them and talked with them and they knelt at His feet to worship Him.

As soon as theJewish Chief Priestssaw that the tomb-stone was rolled away and that Jesus was gone, they paid money to the soldiers and told them to go to everyone and spread the word that the disciples had stolen Jesus' body while they slept. They did as instructed and all the Jews heard and believed the rumor.

Later at Galilee, Jesus then gave a message to is 11 disciples. Through the years, it has been called "The Great Commission" because He told them to go everywhere and teach people to make disciples, believers, throught the world and then baptise them in the name of the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit---called the Trinity. He promised that He would be with
Published: December 21, 2006   
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