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Shvoong Home>Books>Children & Youth>CONGRATULATION! It's A Girl! Review


Book Review   by:mahumanay     Original Author: UNICEF

Take her in your arms. Find out about her health. She is very important.


She is a girl below 18years old. She has rights both as a child and a girl,
Regardless of age, race, religion, social and economic status. The convention on the rights of the child specifically says so. Her future as an adult depends on her upbringing. We, her family, are her eyes. All her thought, words, emotions and feelings emanate from us.


It’s not exactly what you’re used to. And people will always talk. But it doesn’t matter. She can carry your name. It’s all right. A Girl-Child should grow up whole, give her the opportunity to run the various tasks, acquire skills and knowledge so she can be a productive member of the family. A Girl-Child should learn how to play not just the “girly” stuff. She can play rough too – didn’t you know? She can be the Boy-Child’s equal – don’t tell her otherwise. It’s myth that boys are better than girls, with confidence; she can blast this myth and fly.


A Girl-Child should be given a chance to be a child. Allow her to explore, guide her through life’s obstacles and challenges. Encourage her to speak her mind. Listen to what she has to say. As early as possible, teach you’re Girl-Child “Personal Safety Rules” so she can protect herself and others. Raise her to be strong. A girl-child as well as a Boy-Child needs protection. However, both should be taught to defend themselves to say “No”, and to report cases of sexual harassment.


A Girl-Child can be anything she sets her mind to be. Don’t limit her to roles prescribed by society. She can do “manly” jobs as well. Help your Girl-Child develop her many potentials. History shows that there are various significant roles a woman can play in society. Give your Girl-Child confidence in performing various roles in the family and the community. With your support, she can be an achiever. Girl-Children are treated differently and unfairly from Boy-Children, with detrimental consequences.

Here’s what you can do to prevent them:


§ Mind their health. Bring them for a medical check up as often as you do your boys.
§ Work hard so everyone in the family has an equal share of nutritious food.
§ Don’t overburden them with chores. They need to play and rest too.


§ Let us give our Girl-Children a chance to develop their rich potential by providing them with a well-rounded education.
§ Teachers should attend gender-sensitivity seminars and pass on what they’ve learned to school children and their parents.
§ We should encourage them to consider “male-dominated” professions as possible careers.


Child Labor is prohibited by Law.

§ There are 1.3 million Girl-Children who work.
§ Majority of these working Girl-Children are in the rural areas.
§ Many of them cannot afford to go back to school.
§ Girl-Children work as street vendors, hawkers in public markets, domestic helpers and even prostitutes.
§ Sure, the children must know the value of work, but let’s take into consideration their young age and physical development.
§ Girl-Children make a substantial contribution to the family’s economic activities. However, the law provides that she engages in work which is not harmful to her physically and psychologically. Make sure that all her other rights as a child and as a girl are protected while working to help the family.


Get your hand off her!!!

Cases of incest and sexual abuse of girls are increasing, this is according to reports and many child-caring organizations and research groups.

Violence against Girl-Children come in many forms: Maltreatment, battery, neglect, abandonment, sexual molestation, incestuous rape, rape infecting them with sexually transmitted diseases and other gynecological problems, and economic or verbal abuse.

Treat Girl-Children with respect. They are human beings and members of the society.

Teach Girl-Children how to protect and defend themselves from all forms of abuse. Empower them with knowledge and encourage them to report cases of violence and sexual abuse.


§ Radio and television programs must reflect the needs, concerns and interests of Girl-Children without necessarily exploiting them.
§ The children’s Television Act of 1997 is a law that regulates television programs.
§ There are guidelines for media practitioners on how to correctly portray Girl-Children on TV.
§ If you have a Girl-Child, you have an important role. You can choose what she listens, watches, or reads.
§ There are many empowering roles a Girl-Child can portray. She must know this. Do You?
Published: September 20, 2007   
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