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Shvoong Home>Business & Finance>T Group Training Review

T Group Training

Academic Paper Review   by:SThap     Original Author: Saroj Rawat

T Group Training

T Group Training is a technique of off the job training methods. It is a group experience designed to provide maximum opportunity for the individuals to expose their behaviour, give and take feedback and experience new behaviour and develop awareness about self and others. The t- group training is also known as several names such as sensitivity training, action training, human capacity movement, group dynamics, and awareness expertise and as forth.

 This training involves development techniques to attempt to increase or improve human sensitivity and awareness. The goal of this training is to helping trainees to improve and participate in human affairs. The T-group training enables trainee to understand themselves and others, changed their attitude towards self, others and groups role, increase their interpersonal skills and provide organizational improvement as groups rather than individuals.

 In this training, the numbers of trainees should be limited to 10 to 15 persons so that regular interaction could happen throughout the training programme. Usually there is no leader, no planned agenda and stated goal. The trainees can be given any assignment like case study, role play etc that leads the group interaction. The participants would be encouraged to be thoughtful and understanding towards the feeling of others.  The trainees should feel secure to express their personal feeling and reactions to what happening in the group and understand the others behaviour and feelings. The emphasis is on face to face interaction. 

 Merits of T-group training

§         The trainee learn more about themselves, specially their weakness and emotions

§         They understand that how they react to others and how others react to them

§         They discover how the groups work and identify human relation problems

§         Find out how to behave more effectively in inter-personal relationship and manage people through means rather than power.

§         Developed more capable and genuine relations in which feelings are expressed openly.

§         Confront interpersonal problems directly to find out solution instead of avoiding them.

 After training, trainees usually become more sensitive to others and open. Such training can also result in improved performance and increased company’s profit.

 The demerits T-group training

§         During the training, the trainer often create stressful situation. In such situation, the training may do a job of tearing apart people instead of bringing them together.

§         The changes trainees acquire during the training are tend to face out when trainee returns to c insensitive environment of workplace.

§         This training may make the management trainee as sensitive towards others that they become unwilling to take necessary hard decisions.

§         T group training proved less effective when it is applied ob technical professional.

§         Such training may make people frustrated and upset as many stressful situations are created during this technique.

 Some basic to implement the T group training:

§         T-group training is more suitable for develop “organic” organisation. If such openness and flexible organizational structure is not available, this training is not appropriate.

§         The participants should be selected on the basis of their emotional stability and anxiety tolerance

§         The participation should be strictly voluntary

§         The trainees should know in advance that what sort of training they are going to receive

§         The transfer of learning back to the organisation should be ensured

Published: May 26, 2008   
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