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Shvoong Home>Business & Finance>How to Choose Eyeglasses Those Suit You? Review

How to Choose Eyeglasses Those Suit You?

Article Review   by:stanvy     Original Author: Ivy Chai
When you wear an eyeglass, the thing part people will look at is your eyeglasses. What do you think the first impression will be, especially if you meet someone important to you, have an unordinary look on your eyeglasses then giving you a weird look on your face?

“What’s on earth is this person thinking?”

is that question familiar to you? Or after you went home, the first thing you want to do is to throw away your eyesglasses?

Don’t let this incident happen to you again! I am always fancy on Chanel Eyeglasses, especially with their half-rimless frame! Their frame is always crafted and it looks really suit on my face!

Here, I am going to share with you some steps I took before I buy a great piece of Chanel Eyeglasses.

Step 1: Decide on Type of Frame

What type of frame are you fancy about? For me, I like the flexible wire frame. You can have sophisticated plastic frame, titanium, gunmetal, wire rims and many others. Decide which one suit you the most! If you use it for sport, flexible wire rims is recommended, as it is light and it grip well on your head. Again here, I would recommend Chanel Eyeglasses on their half-rimless frame.

Step 2: Know your Face Shape

Knowing your face shape is extremely important when choosing an eyeglass. Generally, face shape is divided into oval, round, diamond and square shape.

* Oval Face:

Most of the Eyeglasses style matches this face. Try to experience from the latest look and style of Chanel Eyeglasses. Try square, wraparound or shields style. I am sure those style looks good on you!

* Round Face:

Choose a frame where it will make your face looks thinner and longer. Frame should be equal or slightly wider than the broadest part of your face. Look for little curves, rectangular or double brow style.

* Diamond Shape

Diamond shape face looks wider on the cheekbones and narrow on forehead and chin. It is suggested that you look for oval, square or rimless frame.

* Square Face

This type of face will be having strong jawline, broad forehead and wide cheekbones. Try to reduce the angle with curvy and soft style that will give the face some attitude.

Step 3: Consider your Eyelash Length

If you have long eyelashes, it is definitely going to brush the glasses if you’re choosing a “stick to face” frame. This will make you extremely uncomfortable.

Step 4: Choosing the Style and color for your face

Depends on your personality and lifestyle, if you are always wearing black or white, a red or pink color frame may not be suitable for you, you should choose color that matches your lifestyle.

Similarly, for style, depending on what you wear, whether you are more classic or trendy person, choosing the style is important for you. Don’t wear a “space man” style eyeglass if you’re a classic type person, and if you’re a trendy style type, don’t go for classic type eyeglass.

Another reason why I like Chanel Eyeglasses, whether you are a classic, trendy or in between type of person, Chanel Eyeglasses always had its suitable eyeglass for you, aren’t this great?

Some tips here, always have a mirror and wear different type and style of eyeglasses before you buy. Choose the one which is best for you, ask the optician opinion, or if you bring along your friends or family, ask their opinion!

Good luck and have a pleasant Shopping!
Published: June 19, 2008   
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