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Shvoong Home>Arts & Humanities>Arts>UNIQUE FAMILY TREE Summary


Article Summary   by:raghottamakoppar     Original Author: Raghottama Koppar
A Unique Family Tree

Meet Shri. A.V Nagaraju of AGILE family from Agile, Hasan-Arakalagud Road.Hasan.

He has been working on creating the family tree of his family. The result is mind blowing. He has collected some details up to 1700AD. The Family Tree is in the attachment and can be very interesting to some of our HK community members. Persons hailing from Hasan district will find it very useful. We call the attention of all our members, and request them to give whatever feed back they could to Shri. Nagaraju.

Secondly Shri. Nagaraju, his family members and other supporters have taken up a herculean task and have rennovated the historical Udbhava Kalleshwaraswamy Temple in Belavadi, Near Javagal, Chikkamagalur. Many reputed organisations and persons have supported their project. The attachment gives more detail. They have put in lot of hard work and the photos can be seen on
This project requires now operational support and through this medium we are requesting you to help and support as per your might.

Mr. Nagaraju can be contacted on email ID

This is a success story of Shri. A.V. Nagaraju and his family members and we express our immense happiness on their achievement

Arakalagud road. It is said that our forefathers belonging to Vishwamitra Gotra came to this place from Belavadi in 1800 AD, which is presently in Chikkamagalur Dist/Tq and around 42 Kms from Hassan. I have collected the family tree of our family since 1700.
One Mr. Belavadi Krishnappa is the presently known Moolapurusha of the family who was working as a Tax Collector for the king Veeraballala - II of Dorasamudra (present Halebeedu) kingdom. Krishnappa’s descendants came out of Belavadi when the Belavadi province was handed over to Shringeri Shankar Mutt by Immadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar (see Mysore Gazetteer Page 566-67) and got scattered in different areas within a radius of 100 Kms from Belavadi i.e., Hassan and Chikkamagalur districts. One such family came to Hassan and later on shifted to AGILE, with Jahageeri granted by the then state administration. Mr. Lakshmipathaiah (1743 to 1805) was the head of the family at Agile. His 4 sons were (1) Venkatakrishnaiah, (2) Kashipathaiah – my great-great-great grand father(1775-1835), (3) Ramanna and (4) Venkateshaiah.
Mr. Kashipathaiah (1775-1835) had two sons (1) Venkataramanaiah (1820-1900) and (2) Venkateshaiah.
Venkataramanaiah had one son, Sunkada Venkatadasappa (1850-1925)– i.e., my grandfather. Till the end of his life the family was collecting taxes on behalf of the administration and for their services, they were being compensated with sufficient agricultural land holdings and also a part of tax collections. It is said that the tax collectors those days were provided with a horse and one or two servants-cum-escorts to facilitate easy performance of their duty.
Me. Sunkada Venkatadasappa had 5 sons (1) Venkatakrishnaiah who is the founder of the village HANUMANTHAPURA near AGILE on the Hassan – Arakalagud road (2) A. Venkatasubbaiah (1895-1971) – my father (3) Venkatanarayanappa (4) Gopalakrishna (given in adoption to his issueless maternal uncle) and (5) Venkataramaiah.
Mr. A. Venkatasubbaiah (my father) was a sincere and hardworking police constable during British rule. He married his maternal uncle’s daughter Lakshmidevamma and the couple gave birth to 11 children (7 male and 4 female).

I, along with the cooperation of my family members, have prepared a book (of 180 pages) giving details of important events and experiences of these 11 children (I am the 11th one) along with photos and horoscopes, besides a passing reference to their next two generations. This is the FAMILY TREE I have developed for our family. The book is yet to be published (slated for June/July 2007) and has a preface written by MATHIGHATTA KRISHNA MURTHY, a well –known writer and Janapada Academy Award winner. He has highly appreciated the book and opined that it is of unique kind and a new contribution to the literary world. Sri Melehalli Devaraj, Theatre activist, writer and director has also congratulated us for the new venture and efforts put-in in making the book a collectors’ item. One of the special features of the book is giving horoscopes of each and every person addressed in each chapter. This is done with an intention that horoscope readers may first study the same, workout their inferences and match the same with the real life story to know the correctness of either the shastra or horoscope! I request such readers to convey me back if there is any mistake in the horoscope and rectification if any.

The AGILE FAMILY, mainly forming the group of the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of A. Venkatasubbaiah and Lakshmidevamma has also formed a V& L FAMILY TRUST 15 years ago, for encouraging cultural and literal and sport activities of the family members, besides supporting the members financially whenever the occasion arises.
Published: June 11, 2007   
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  1. 5. kalleshwara

    Unique Family Tree

    I am thankful to Mr. Raghottama Koppar for writing this article about my book and all those who have appreciated the same. I am working towards translating the book into English so that those who do not know Kannada may read it. Thanks once again, kalleshwara

    0 Rating Saturday, April 26, 2008
  2. 4. archana myageri

    remebering the family

    Nowadays, even we don't know our relations because of machanical life, so Mr.Nagaraja has done an exellent work. Now I also try to collect information sbout elders in the family

    0 Rating Tuesday, June 12, 2007
  3. 3. vishwas deshpande

    good article

    collecting that much information is tough task and Mr. nagaraj did it Cheeersss.......

    0 Rating Tuesday, June 12, 2007
  4. 2. Vijay Bhargav


    The interest and initiative shown to collect historical details on the Agile family spanning a few decades is simply mind blowing and amazing. There is something to learn for all from this.

    0 Rating Tuesday, June 12, 2007
  5. 1. gururaj gundar

    vow its beautiful

    I read that Mr. Nagaraj has collected some details up to 1700AD. ts wonderful thing. Cheeerrs Mr.Nagaraj,

    0 Rating Monday, June 11, 2007