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Website Review   by:Arjun_Singh123    
Hello! Today i am going to write on Lottery scams& Frauds. These things are very common
now a days. You can imagine its circulation by this that every country has made a law for

these scams such as the 419- Scam law made in US , UK and Nigeria. These scams

target lower-class people which are seeking Money. Now you will be thinking that how

do these hackers get the e-mail of a particular person. Thats how they do it:

Showing themselves as " Employers" on popular job-sites such as Monster,

Yahoo! Hotjobs, etc etc.
and target the poor job-seekers.

They often give great amounts to pay: 1 Million Dollars/Pounds/Euros etc etc.

They ask
for personal details such as Bank account No, Credit/Debit Card No.

etc etc.
They claim the lottery is a part of thier International Promotional

or " Destroy Poverty Program" etc etc. After every thing has been done

they say that you have to give 10% advance fees by Western Union, or

The Money-Gram. I have also recieved these kinds of e-mails. They claim they

are from Yahoo! and even The Microsoft as well etc etc.

So I would like to tell you that these are all SCAMS. Dont send any personal info.

to these Cheap Hackers They are animals not Humans.

So users BEWARE!!!!
Thanks for reading

Published: August 26, 2007   
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  1. 2. Rahul

    Great Article

    Fantastic, Great, Marvelloues Wonderfull Unbelieveable he is the best writer on Shvoong he is a hero all over Asia you should straight away pay him I say He is GREAT!!!

    0 Rating Friday, September 07, 2007
  2. 1. robert

    this is not about internet or technology!!

    would belong better in a "law" section

    0 Rating Sunday, August 26, 2007