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Shvoong Home>Internet & Technology>Internet Positive and Negative Impacts Review

Internet Positive and Negative Impacts

Article Review   by:Christin     Original Author: christin
Using internet services can be positive and negative impacts

As an internet user i would like to share my experiences as follows :

1.Take advantage from chatting friend.(negative impact)

This is True story that i have a friend, would like to use internet for chatting , find boyfriend/girlfriend , dating , having fun - I find that can be pleasure too , until my friend demands many things from her chat friend, for example, request for a birthday cake (imagine that she is not having birthday at that date), i keep on saying about her bad behaviour. she is christian

Also , she asked pulsa telephone from her friends in the internet , and she said that oh my iam so happy .... iam so sad because she is christian - and she put people into bad situations

For the first time , chatting can be fun , can make your mind feel many things about chatting friends ... create halluzination side effects

(worst can create schizophrenia)- but we have to meet the person in face ,then you could decide what things to be taken in future. i felt sorry as she found a man now - but that man didnt appreciate her at all, now my friend felt how being cheated by him, underestimate by him.

2. As children of God , temptation for lying very big in the chatting room-(negative impact)

But the Bible said , you should not lie , because when you lied , your father is satan/devil

things you should know, people inside our imaginations , not the same as in reality - so dont need to lie

3. you will meet various type of persons in the virtual world - Be careful

example : a man/ a woman requested money from you (pretend that they are facing an terrible accidents / asking you to go to Bali together / pretend being a priest request donation money from you.

a man/ a woman who sent SEX pictures into your email box - or perhaps place man -woman making love in their profile images.

God said avoid adultery , also there are some sex diseases in connection with that .

We still might meet a kind people in the internet , but very difficult hahaha

4. AUTIS in the Reality world - famous in the Virtual world (negative impact)

we want to dream on ......... in the internet , we can dream on

but things to be sure that we live in the reality world , we will became alienated/alone , without real friends.

5. Internet can help to find informations , find old friends, find a job, find a business , find money via refferals , etc

The most of all , being children of God are not easy

temptations are everywhere,

Thanks to Bible guidebook - we shall be able to filter many things .
Published: June 28, 2009   
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