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Shvoong Home>Internet & Technology>Hardware>Differences, Advantages, and Disadvantages of Intel and Amd Processors Review

Differences, Advantages, and Disadvantages of Intel and Amd Processors

Article Review   by:MuhammadAlmer    
Differences, advantages, and disadvantages of Intel and AMD processors

Some of the differences, advantages and disadvantages of Intel and AMD processors:

A. Intel is a set of instructions in the MMX, SSE, SSE2, and SSE3, but the AMD SSE2 and 3DNow. But of the many instruction actually used by the intelligence has existed in its AMD 3DNow that is not owned by Intel.

2. Maximum of 32K L1 on Intel, AMD is currently at 128K. Based on some tests AMD with 128K L1 was superior to Intel.

3. Many transistors on an Intel 100 billion is AMD 105 billion.

4. The number of decoders, Integer, FP in less than AMD intel that significantly improve the performance differences of AMD.

5. Temperature can be regulated by the Intel processor itself (processor will reduce the speed if the processor is too hot), the maximum temperature is 900C AMD64. Intel technology is superior to AMD.

6. AMD is superior in the processing of communications applications, such as data transfer on the modem, ADSL, MP3, and doubly Suround Digital Sound.

7. Pipeline on intel longer than AMD, but Intel's pipeline problems in the exchange of duty, so the speed is slow intel pipeline under AMD.

8. Intel wins on brand image and marketing, while AMD is a cheaper price.

9. On an Intel Pentium 4 standard prices, fast lumanyan performance. Sure, for business graphics masshi less than AMD, but at least it does not heat faster Intel processors.

10. On the AMD Athlon processor prices slightly cheaper than Intel. Really good graphics, decent speed, but faster than Intel's really hot.

Terms of use, the processor hardware is an important part of the computer that serves as the core of the performance of the computer itself is where the greater and the more memory the faster the processor performance is also generated by the processor itself.

Fast processor we can see from the core (processor core) more and more cores are used on the faster processor performance is also a computer that we use. Why is that, because the processor to work within the applications program or game that you are taking more and more applications that we run the more we use the processor as well.

Conclusions as follows:
A. To use an Intel processor you have a lot of money especially with the high performance that produced by the Intel i7 Intel processor compared with AMD processor you will not spend a lot of cost and performance is also good lumanyan. Therefore, the cost you weeks to a mediocre choose the AMD processor but if you have more cost please you choose an Intel processor.

2. Intel and AMD processors have the performance test it is a powerful Intel processor in any case, while AMD is your second choice.

3. More powerful than Intel processors AMD processor in multimedia applications, otherwise the processor from the Intel AMD wins in its gaming and 3D programs.

As for suggestions that can be provided for those of you who do not know a lot more knowledgeable about the processor:

The need to know that for those who do not know about the processor intel and amd processors every year, the two processors will always compete to create the world's fastest processor. Thus for all to know that you must often read news on the Internet or computer-related magazines.
Published: August 17, 2012   
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