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Website Review   by:ElkabberAwi    
This abstract was translated from
Indian inventor of us who invented the Hutu-mile ... Yes, would not be surprised inventor is not an American but an Indian ..

E-hot (hot mail) Hot mail is the most commonly used types of e-around
The world is Microsoft''s continued America is within the Windows operating environment

This e-mail address hot personal success story that deserves mention

Especially as it seems that the Muslim name of the owner, owner of this invention is: Saber Bhatia. In in 1988

And Saber Kdkdm to America to study at the University of Stanford graduated cum Claude

We aim to work for a company in the Internet programmer

A man known graduated from the same university named: Jack Smith.

The much discussed how to establish companies to catch up with the Internet and the
Those discussions take place within the closed-circuit private companies operating out
When I discovered his direct supervisor

Warned of the use of the service company in private discussions then thought (Saber) innovation programme provides everyone Brida Special

Thus, work on a secret invention e-hot
The ousted by the masses in 1996

The program has spread quickly among Internet users because it provided them with four four features can not compete

The advantages are as follows:

1) This e-Free

2) an individual

3) Sri

4) It is possible to use it from anywhere the world.

When the number of participants in the first year started ten million raises other (Bill Gates) Chairman of Microsoft Corporation and the richest man in the world and thus

Microsoft decided to purchase e-hot and attached to the Windows operating environment

In the autumn before the 97 Sabermpelg $ 50 million, however, Saber he knew the importance of the programmer and the service it provides

Requested $ 500 million and after exhausting negotiations lasted until 98 saber agreed to sell the program b 400 million dollars

On condition that his appointment as an expert in Microsoft''s and today arrived users
Hot mail to 90 million people and belongs to almost daily user 3000
Around the world.

The Saber has depended on its work programmer but is another programmer called creativities (Arzu) provides a secure environment for online shoppers

It has become wealth and fame to host former U.S. President Bill Clinton and President Chiral and Indian Prime Minister Bukharin Payee''s.

What more admirable character Saber it to receive even built his fortune many
Institutes in the country and helped many disadvantaged students to complete their education

(He even said that his fortune fell rapidly to $ 100 million)

Saber success story that deserves special study and praise and vulnerability as a model in fulfillment of a very large country

Published: July 31, 2008   
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