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Shvoong Home>Internet & Technology>Software> Review

Website Review   by:helmstandart    
Dibawah ini ada beberapa command yang sering dipakai di PuTTY dan juga untuk Linux jadi untuk kalian yang pemula bisa mempelajari ini…

List the contents of the current directory

ls [filename]
List the contents of the named directory (eg. ls /etc)

ls -l
List the directory contents in “long” format, including file permissions, ownership details and file size

ls -a
List all the files in a directory, including files that start with a ‘.’

cat [filename]
Display the contents of a file to the screen

more [filename]
Display a file on the screen, with scrolling and search facilities. less is an enhanced version of more

cp [source] [destination]
Copy the source file to the destination (eg. cp /etc/passwd . copies the password file to the current directory)

mv [source] [destination]
Move the source file to the destination, which can be a directory or another file

rm [filename]
Remove (or delete) a file - use with caution!

mkdir [dirname]
Make a directory

rmdir [dirname]
Remove an empty directory

locate [keyword]
Displays a list of files that contain the keyword in their filename.

Temporarily become the superuser - useful for system administration tasks

Change the password used to access your user account

Display a list of users currently logged onto this computer

Getting help about commands

man [commandname]
Display a manual page for the specified command. The “man” page provides a brief explanation about the command, possible options and switches and detailed information about using the command

info [commandname]
Similar to man command, see above

apropos [keyword]
Displays a list of man pages that contain information about the supplied keyword

For listing Folders....
use "ls" instead of "dir"

For Entering into Directory..
cd folder_name

For going back to root...

for going back one step...
cd ..

For deleting Directory
rm folder_name

For Creating tar file...
tar cvf folder_name.tar folder_name

For Extracting
tar -xf folder_name.tar
Published: September 18, 2008   
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