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Shvoong Home>Internet & Technology>Software>Felixbruns.De/Ipod/Firmware/ Review


Website Review   by:Romi143    
You got stuck with the iphone it doesnt work?
You need new version of ipod and dont wanna pay?
Your phone needs cracking?
You want youre ipod and iphone be more amusing?

How to donlowad free software and cracks?

Well lets start with the software you can donwload free at

For the crack go to or (trust me its easy to follow)

What sources i need for my ipod/iphone?

Now you need to go to cydie and sources and add the following must have



How to get free software directly to my iphone/ipod?

Now the best bit - go to your itunes store from iphone and download any free application from it (you do need to creat an account in Itunes - Do it)

Ususally i love the Cooliris free software after this trick, go to cydia and install the application syn itunes and finally the installous (You can easily search it from the cydia)

now you can download the free cracket softwares directly from Installous


How to get free software directly to my computer and than install to ipdo or iphone?

Best way is to go to the web site ( and
directly download any application you want and that will be in .api format
After donwload open the itune of your workstation and go to the application of itunes,
If you application option is not present than you need to go to options and make it available work your way with the itunes software you will find it.
Once you open th eapplication option - just drag and drop the downloaded .ipa software and plug in your ipod/iphone and synchronise.

There you go you have got the software on your iphone.


How to send free sms world wide?

Yes! it is possible the best software available on net is GLOBAL.AQ SMS (search it from installous or install and have unlimited SMS - do remeber that you can send sms free but you cant reveive from it a reply. So do remeber to add ure name and numer this software give you the option.

I recommend that once downloading the software you have got many cracks just use the no-banner addition one - this only is the present working Software of


OOPsssss i have donwload and installed the ipod touch version 3.1?

Well worry that it is not yet cracket and well dont worry i will teach you how to downgrade it to v=3.0

Well if you have downloaded the version 3.1 - simple follow the below instruction:

1) get rid of your itunes updatedd software in your laptop/computer
2) download the old itunes version which doesnt recognize the ipod attahced and says install laterst version so that ipod is recognized (ideally download any version previous to 8.2 of itunes)
3) now the itune old version installed connect ipod touch with itunes
4) hold the home and power button for 10 sec and let go of the power button
5) computer screen will prompt you that your ipod is in DFU mode.
6) now hold on to shift and click restore button on the itunes
7) navigate to the ipod version 3 that you donwloaded on your computer and install and crack

There you are now you are happy :)


Must have software?

Well to enjoy you must get the follwoing software:

1) Assassin's Creed
2) Blades of fury
3) App box pro
4) ferrari GT
5) Need for speed
6) Winterboard
7) SB seetings
8) Font swap
9) Inspired theme
10) hero of sparta
12) VLC player
13) Download the you tube crack and download the videos and watch freely with out streaming
14) Siberian
15) Gameboy and nitendo games for free
16) TNA wrestling
etc etc

Ingerident of Anxiety?

in a nut shell i have shared the secrets with you! do remember there is more to it - search and search and share with me too - any question or you got stuck just contact me and i will help you out with your queries.

Humble Request!

1) Please rate it
2) please visit the other posts
3) you will like the
5) and the microsoft crack

Please do look at my other posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Published: September 23, 2009   
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