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Shvoong Home>Internet & Technology>Websites>Paidsurveysetc.Com, Profitsystemonline.Com, Onlinerevenuesolution.Com Review

Paidsurveysetc.Com, Profitsystemonline.Com, Onlinerevenuesolution.Com

Website Review   by:AislinnLeander    
As mentioned before,I got scammed soI'm trying to inform the public,hoping it'll stop them.I get so angry because they've done this many times but they haven't been reported or banned.
I've tried to email the servers of yahoo,gmail,google,facebook,msn but will it work?

Anyway,this is part of my evidence that they're frauds,AND using Real ONLINE banks...

From:(5letter)Bank Customer Service(for now,I'm not gonna name the bank. Maybe they're not REALLY partners with the hoaxers.The problem is that this one received my payment. The same payment that PSO insisted I haven't sent,that I'm not part of their system.But I passed through those links,&got led to PSOhelpdesk again,so what can I say?They ARE in cahoots!Give me my MONEY BACK!)
Sent:Thu,January13,2011 1:16:07PM
Subject:Receipt for your (5letter)Bank Order #_ _ PZB _ _ _
This email confirms that you made a purchase from (5letter)
This transaction will appear on your statement as"(5letter)Bank"or"(3letter)BANK*COM"
(5letter)Bank is the Internet's largest retailer of digital products.Please review
the following information and keep this email for future reference.Thank you for your order.
Order Number:8digit
Order Date:01/12/2011 9:16PM PST
Customer Name:(me)
Customer Email:(mine)
Product ID:2
Vendor's Site:
Payment Method:MC(4digit)
When I lost my files due to computer crashing RIGHT after I entered their survey sites, I emailed them:


Good day
I noticed your ad the other day&applied using my credit card.
Now i'm not sure if this site is legit.Sure you have a lot of testimonials and
I noticed one that looks like its from the Philippines.
I'm having difficulty understanding a lot of things
First of all,how do I get paid?You don't have any pages or account info page.
You also don't have sign-in page.How do you keep track?
Second,so far,you have some serious detractors&there hasn't been any signs
that you've solved the problem.Are you serious or is this a fraud?
Also,I've tried to join those surveys but they're mostly for specified
countries,have to be redirected,etc.Does it work in the Philippines???
Lastly,MY computer crashed last time because of those sites or something.I had
to reinstall everything.Are you sure there's no virus?
Ps.where's the original article?The News10/News1report that is linked is
not a real news site.So which is?
If I cannot be helped here,I would like my money back please.Thank you.

They sent a generated response.
So I replied:

Good day also!
Glad this generated response is working.
Can you send me the survey sites I can visit?I live in the Philippines.
The websites I opened last week were not for this area...
How do I earn the money???!

Now,this is their REAL response.
To get to the point, when I sent my email in NOTE2,they said:


PSO CustomerSupport:Reply Added[#359218]
A customer support staff member has replied to your support request,#359218 with the following response:
We do not have survey sites,that is not part of our program.
You earn money when someone makes a purchase from your websites.
Thank you for you interest in our program.
Customer Service Department

Funny.I left messages at customerservice
So...note that THEY said THEY don't offer survey-sites at all,just websites where you can sell something.So what about the survey-sites offered by those links?What did they really sell?
The kit offered was an online-survey-kit.
What does it contain?List of survey-sites
Where do we find it?I don't know.They sent a weblink but that's it

Now they're saying they don't have it in the first place...So what did I (and probably YOU) pay for?

I asked them:


What does that mean?What was the $34 for then?It said you can earn money if you join those this is all just a hoax?
Is (5letter)Bank(From NOTE1;can’t believe they allow this hoax!!!)
your affiliated bank?If not then why all those emails?You sent me so many about NEWS21orNEWS1or NEWSwhatever with some reporter and now its just a hoax?
Also,what websites?That's the problem!!!I didn't sign up for any websites so
what was that about???
(I attached their spam email, saying "Ps. this email contains virus :b")

From:News10 Investigations<>
Sent:Sat,August14,2010 6:17:16PM
Subject:Local Mom Quits Her Job She Hated...
*This has picture of"Jessica Fitzgerald",&beside it,a mom w/a baby&now,this link sent me to:
then this led me to: 04c.asp?view=0&funnelid=F246&a=b&siteid=ORS&vid=
that led me to:
that led me to:
Online Revenue Solution(with a notice)Immediate access to this product or service is available once payment is approved.

How did got included?We have to ask THEM that.Because I only followed their links and that's where they sent me to purchase the kit last time.

if you try to close that page, they say:
Are you sure you wanna navigate away from this page?
Get 50%off your purchase if you order within the next 5minutes

I was stupid&paid...I was led to learned that they're all partners).

At that time,it was$69&discounted to$34;
At4:00am(+8GMT)Jan28,2011,this site suddenly turned into a$197deal&discounted to$97
At11:22AM(+8GMT),they'd already changed it back to the$34deal plus additional$10discount so$24(isn't that the $34 deal they said they don't have?)
At12:51pm,it became$49.99for families

You try to leave the site,& a"Live Agent"(the1st was Victoria, then Lauren, then Elizabeth.But they all have the same face,computer generated response,and deal...)
will suddenly chat w/you&gift you an additional$10discount

So...What did I get?PopupList so-called survey-sites that kept redirecting,saying there's no offer like that in my area
Of course,my computer also crashed and I found out those sites have virus,
If you feel these websites are still legit,good luck!Perhaps you'll be aREAL testimonial for them...
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