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Shvoong Home>Lifestyle>Create Your Intelligent Life With Esteeming the Time Review

Create Your Intelligent Life With Esteeming the Time

Article Review   by:Fikhi     Original Author: Fikhi Masjida Nugraha

Friends, really how many people are enough potential, but cannot be superior. One reason is because of its inability to manage time. Be assured that the success or failure of a person in world affairs and the hereafter is highly dependent how his sincerity in addressing the time. We see, how many people are complaining because they felt had never had the time, whereas some other people are always looking for ways to kill time.

In fact, subhanallah, Allah most thorough and fair has shared time with fairly as possible, with as carefully as no one will escape. Everyone will surely get the same amount of time, there are 60 minutes every hour, and 24 hours every day at any place in this world. In developed countries, developing countries, or even worse-torn countries remain 24 hours per day 60 minutes per hour.

Time is eternal recorder who will perpetuate all the greatness and glory of man. And the main time our capital, our lives. Nothing can happen without him. So, what is a huge loss if people cannot take advantage of their time with very good and optimal.

By the time, the real man really is in loss, except those who believe and do righteous deeds and advised each other in regard truth and advising in honor of patience [Q.S. AI Ashr: (103): 1-3]

My friend, we really feel that sometimes we are not so seriously appreciate the time, so sometimes throw with no results. Sometimes the futility of always been a part of our lives, to relax without feeling any loss of time, speak in vain without feeling guilty, walks with no destination just to spend time in vain. In fact, it is time our capital in this living life. If we optimize our capital, then we are lucky, but if we're throwing it very definitely will be losers. The fools are those who were given capital (time), then the capital that he wasted. Naudzhubillah. In fact, if today is the same yesterday today means we are the same speed, there was no improvement. it could never catch anyone, and if someone else is always increasing, then we will be left behind and be a loser. Prophet Muhammad reminds us with his saying, "Whoever today is the same day with yesterday, so he was among those who are the losers" (HR Dailami).

Thus, the only option is today must be better than yesterday, even if this can now be better than just before, in any case. If not, then it must be admitted that today is the day that failed and loss, and remember if today is worse than yesterday means we devastated, huge losses and harm themselves. Naudzhubillah, this should not happen to us. Prophet Muhammad himself reminds us to always improve our time, because every time has the burden of its own problems, his saying, "Look for a five before the coming of five, which make use of your youth before your old time came (to worship), use of your healthy time before the ill time coming (with good works), use of your rich time before the poor time coming (with handouts), please use the period of your life before coming your death (seek provision for life after death), use your leisure time before the narrow time coming" (Al- Hadits).

From the description above, then there are actually three groups of people who use the time, there are:

1. Successful person are people that use the optimal time, and he did something that is not preferred by people who failed.

2. Poor person are people of his days filled with disappointments and always start something with the next day.

3. Great person are people who are willing to do something now. To the great, there's no tomorrow. He said that wasting time is not only a crime, but a cruel murder.

So, from now beware of the time. Every second we went through to be considered carefully and then fill it with things that led to increasing our capabilities. We not only need to work hard, but we need also to work hard and smart. Further, we again we need to work hard, smart and effective, so that when we use time will be optimized, meaningful for the world and meaningful to the next.

Awaken the mind to win the mental fight poverty. Achieving progress, success, and must fight for success. If we all managed to quell the mental poverty, Indonesia is definitely rising!

I'll show you an outstanding example of a figure who managed to beat the mental poverty. He has repeatedly failed, but continued to rise, keep fighting, keep fighting poor mental defeat, until finally achieving success.

About a character who is so legendary in the war against poor mental. Our hero was born in 1809. At the age of 7 years he and his family were expelled from the house. Age 9 years old his mother died. Age 22 years, he failed in business. A year later failed in the election of legislators. The next year he failed again in business and spent 17 years of his life just to pay off mounting debts. But our hero is not desperate. He fought with poor mental. Mental expelled easily give up and despair.

Finally in 1834, he managed to be elected as a member of the legislative council. But the failures and suffering like never stop blocking step. A year later, her fiancé died. He suffered nerve pain and have to lay in bed 6 months old.

Our hero is again managed to defeat the despair. Rose again. Seven years later, his life filled with failure in the struggle to be a member of the legislative and congressional elections. New in 1846, his perseverance in trying, trying, and mental defeat poverty drove him as a U.S. congressman.

But, again the next ten years, the life of the character is colored by the war in an attempt to defeat the terrible mental collapse. He failed in the board elections of the Congress. Denied a civil defense council in the land of his birth. Failed in Senate elections. Failed in nomination as vice president. And in 1858, he failed again in the election of members of the senate. End.
Thanks for reading this article
Wassalamukalaikum wr. wb.
by Fikhi

Published: April 26, 2012   
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