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Shvoong Home>Medicine & Health>Dermatology>Cosmetic Treatment and the Woman Review

Cosmetic Treatment and the Woman

Academic Paper Review   by:LisaDreyer    
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· Cosmetci treatments a woman

I’m sure every girl everywhere wants to be absolutely flawless but how far are you really willing to go? Most of us are addicted to beauty products, goodies that plump, preen and pamper our skin every day! Simple salon luxuries like facials are widely accepted as essential for woman all over the why not consider a more complex expert treatment for longer- lasting result? If you visit a modern high end beauty salon or boutique today, you can expect to find a vast choice of therapies and treatment that do much more then facials, Mani and padi’s. cosmetic treatment such as micro abrasion and skin peels sits in that medium level, in between products you use at home and most extreme cosmetic surgery .in the recent years, these sort of beauty treatments have grown in popularity among all sorts of woman, because of the amazing results they offer, without the time, expense or intrusive nature of cosmetic surgery. popular as these treatments are ,it’s important that you do the research none of us want to look in the mirror and see the sort of result sum celebrity’s have had…..

· Collagen facials

If you are considering a course of facial treatments before you’re a date or your birth day, why not try a collagen facial? this is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments because it is stait forward and have minimal risks. collagen facial therapy is particularly good for skin problems and mature age as age-defying treatment .

· Microdermabrasion

A treatment that’s just as low risk as collagen facials, microdermabrasion is a form of crystal exfoliation that works by resurfacing though concentrated exfoliation.A fine flow of microscopic crystals are directed onto the skin surface-the speed of the crystal’s movement ,together with their abrasiveness carefully removes old, dead skin cells, layer by layer. the result is newer, smoother skin on show – think of it as facial polishing.

· Green skin peels

If you want to take your facial treatment a step, without entering the realm of cosmetic surgery then what you need is a green skin peel, an herbal green skin peel can do wonders for your skin and facial features .this treatment however should be done by an experience and trained professional or an MD. The green skin peel is based purely on herbal plant extract combined with vitamins and minerals. Green skin peels can deliver results just as well as cosmetic surgery but without any of the side effects of cosmetic surgery.

· Side effects of green skin peels

Red facial skin, the redness of the facial skin will be gone is five days. uncomfortable facial area

The peeling process is not painful but its unattractive, the process usually starts at the third and most of the time is over by fifth day after the peeling process is done you should have a flawless and wonderful soft skin. Long lasting success can be achieved after a course of green skin peel.

· Injectable treatments

For fast results with the benefit of long lasting effects, Botox or other injectable treatments can be taken into consideration .Botox is used for smoothing out lines and or wrinkles .Botox are administered thru a series of small injections that freezes the muscles ,resulting in a firmer look. When done by an expert, Botox can give you fabulous results without leaving you expressionless. Botox is best for frown line, crow’s feet, fore headlines and can last about nine to ten months if done right.

· Things you need to do before going for any treatments

Find a reliable and fully licensed MD or expert.

Ask for references.

Make sure you have all your medical history when going for a consultation so that the MP or expert can select a treatment that best suit your history and preferences.

Ask for test to be done just to make sure that u’r not allergic for any chemicals that might be used.

Written by Lisa Dreyer


Published: May 01, 2012   
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