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Website Review   by:artesplasticasterapia1959    
This article aims to relate as testimony, some experiences obtained in the application of the plastic arts in rehabilitation and Therapeutics of infants and young persons with neurodevelopmental disorders, running independent artists.

In 2007, is born the project "Hope" that El plastic actions with children from the community in the neighborhood "Foundry" in holiday periods in our city of Cárdenas, Cuba – Matanzas province.

In 2008 consider by the developer find a help space on neurodevelopmental clinic, to perform actions of therapy and rehabilitation, and to establish an effective tool of psychology, Neurology, psychiatry, and Pediatrics.

Binding artists establish coordination, exchanges, approaches to national and international literature to governing bodies of special education, consultations with pedagogues of experience in the field of art.

In 2009, he had the project with a vision and mission to act, so were pursued a group of techniques, with the help without collective limits doctor of this renowned clinic. Think our effort with an aula-galleria of art, thanks to donations from artists, sympathized with this human and noble effort.

Already in this own anus 2009, applies the work under the following modalities:

Individual or protected therapies

Therapies that are planned with the use of the plastic arts, are useful to infants with or without neurodevelopment disorder, these actions of the arts are growth paths, possess approaches multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary, are transfers of knowledge, are guided by the graphics, compositions and use of the colours arising out of the hands of minors they conquer identities, which evolve, are spaces for personal expression being studied, diagnosed, are available to develop personal rhythms, harmonies, dreams, reflections among others

The mud therapy and the actions of physiatrists in rehabilitation of the hands, are conducive to infants, to arrive to the therapies of fine arts, with major corrections in their psychomotor, and maintains the line of rehabilitation, among which are used, the use of pencil graphite, with the use of time, compositions graphics to the role by sections of 15 minutes using children's songs that inspire their work. The results start them they astonish, are surpassing before themselves, it instructs the family so that they make use of what they learned in the home, which speeds up their rehabilitation, given the process systematically. Use of the emotional Scribble, graph therapy, the use of the computer with the use of pen-mouser and created digital media improve fine motor, joint mobility, the holds.

Open or socialization therapies

In this therapy , infants and young with neurodevelopmental disorders and healthy children attracted by the interest of the arts plastic, were with artists and guests, as poets, songwriters with their musical instruments in the town that offered brief interventions and infants painted according to the texts and melodies.

Techniques presented to Forum of science and technology city and achievement awards in the Sector Culture-Health - sport relevant, reached Laura of relevant in 2009-2010 and 2011.

Therapies’ of painting on asphalt

Greatest impact Cultural - Health - sport-Social environmental and recreational.

The project members invite you to visit some videos made for the purpose of promoting, what can be done with solidarity, will and faith.

For better information, we invite you to also visit, the website created, we hope to be useful for the whole community it relates to art therapy.

You have finally been followers assets of what on Earth is it done to confront this reality of doing art therapy to these diagnostic physicians, is very impressive and touching, excellent articles quote some by way of examples, such as:

" Univision on April 27, 2011 and whose title refers "autism a new epidemic" and counted with the presence of the Mr. - Doctor Roberto Lopez of the University of Miami and the specialist of the "Austin Speaks" sr Alberto Lopez, cited substantial figures for growth of the autism spectrum, where and I quote "One of every 88 children is diagnosed as autistic"...

"-Alberto Lopez meant an important reality …" Infants who need help for 24 hours "..."

Present this information is that they relate that they must do or create more investigative spaces, our infants and youth with neurodevelopmental disorders, need it, increase the options for accessing these realities and God bless to her tunnel and develop.

Which made the art therapy modality, to join efforts with the community medical specialized on these issues, to serve as those a tool useful, practical, and functional, is what humbly believe about it and was the aim main in this article that we present

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  1. 1.

    Sra Luisa

    Read in this article calls us to reflect that the paths to the rehabilitation of infants and young are very creative and diverse, know psycho-Ballet, the música-Terapia, now appreciate that plastic arts moving incredibly, thanks to the author and its members.

    1 Rating Tuesday, May 22, 2012