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Shvoong Home>Society & News>Gender Issues>Chinagoshop.Com-Apple Authorized Distributors Sell the Original 100 Br Summary

Chinagoshop.Com-Apple Authorized Distributors Sell the Original 100 Br

Book Summary   by:joe202     Original Author: chinagoshop
Apple iPad in mainland China, but has not officially sales channels for some of the original

iPad, even including the individual apple authorized dealer. Yesterday, reporters in the brain

called "shenzhou computer city remit the cyberport" apple authorized business shop, see the

original three iPad and other genuine products sold in together.

According to the apple announced on May 7, the global sale, iPad timetable on May 28, iPad in

Britain, France, Japan and other nine countries, July iPad listed in Hong Kong, China, Singapore

and other countries and regions, nine. The plan did not listed companies in mainland China.

However, the reporter yesterday in China's outward remittance 2 see 100 brains, called "digital"

apple. Port specified dealerships in China except apple publicly selling products, and have iPad

in sales. Salesperson introduction, here iPad specifications of sales for 64G 16G 32G,

respectively, and the price 4,900 yuan, producing 6,100 yuanhe 7100 yuan, but cannot open the

relevant invoices. When asked whether can guarantee, sales personnel, because each product apple

is only Numbers, no show, but to the sanlitun apple stores for warranty.

In addition, the staff said, iPad really belongs to private sales, due to the apple did not

obtain Chinese 3C authentication, the product cannot enter the mainland market, can buy the

product to the original product. Data shows, the "digital" shenzhou. Port in digital consumption

with apple to open channel project.

Reporter then call sanlitun apple stores, apple store says, sanlitun products in mainland China

iPad due date, the price, the listed warranty scope, whether global problems such as maintenance,

apple has finally determined not to store iPad sanlitun warranty related services. At the same

time, apple stores, sanlitun that brain remit the shenzhou. Port of digital one apple authorized

dealer in China, but should not be sold, iPad sale qualification iPad may through channels.

But for some distributors sell field in the original sales iPad, 100 brain remit aspects of

management personnel, iPad is special, because the products in China market, so not to repair

etc, consumers will undertake service of risk. According to the introduction, the distributor for

iPad after-sales service for the general store guarantee.

Anonymity, said the dealer sold in the U.S. iPad genuine from mainland distributors generally

arrive after four stages, the first is the professional iPad will sweep goods sold to particular

store grocers, again by the holder of iPad grocers will focus sold to Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong

special channel last iPad, eventually to shenzhen in cities like Beijing and Shanghai sales


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Published: May 11, 2010   
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