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Article Summary   by:WenWinarno    
Birthday to 64-Independence of the Republic of Indonesia to be important for the momentum back to strengthen unity after conducting General Elections and Presidential Elections in 2009.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said that when the brace 66 children forces members of Flag Patrimony (Paskibraka) 2009 at the State Palace on Saturday (15 / 8) afternoon.

The President said, warning Independence Anniversary in 2009 to take this theme of "Unity, Rise up and Forward." "As a nation, we committed more start this year together, and then rise up and forward. Only with the unity of the nation, we will be safe from the various tests, and rise to the life of the nation more secure, peaceful, and prosperous "he said.

According to the President, after conducting the election to be the right moment to strengthen the unity because at the time of the election, competition and differences in opinion between the various sections of the community was not avoided. After the election, re-work required to build. "The meaning united in warning is also associated with it," he said.

While a determination to rise, the President explained, shocks associated with the crisis ten years ago that weaken Indonesia. Especially at this time of crisis back in waves. "Still after time we rise up together, working hard. If all that we do, our nation will become a developed nation, "he said.

Previously, the morning in a series of warning Republic of Indonesia Anniversary, Honorary President confer Alerts Mahaputera Stars, Star Services, Culture and Star Parama Dharma to 42 recipients.

Senior researcher Soegeng Sarjadi Syndicate, Sukardi Rinakit, in Jakarta, yesterday asserted, until the age of 64 years old independence, Indonesia has not had a dream that is capable of directing the nation toward glory.

According to him, that is the dream of a nation will encourage children to become a winning nation and equal to the other nations.

Generation in the year 1928 has a big dream of unity in one homeland, one nation and one language, Indonesia. While the 1945 era generation aspire to realize the independence of the nation. "All dreams are realized. However, if the dream as a nation we are now free? Without big dreams, we will not move everywhere, "he said.

According to Sukardi, India and China has a big goal to defeat the United States. India strong wish to become ruler of software computer in the year 2020 and China interested in the hardware industry computer.

With the wide sea to reach a two-thirds of its area, Indonesia has great potential to become the state of the world maritime industry. However, efforts to realize the goal is still far away as Indonesia is still the paradigm of development on the mainland.

To realize the dream and the big changes on the paradigm of development, the program that created the government policies, especially education, should be directed to be able to compete with other countries. Control of Nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and neurosains into a totality.

The rhetoric

Unfortunately, Sukardi information, awareness of Indonesia akan dream big and change the paradigm of development has not materialized. Efforts to reduce poverty and ignorance as a nation to the fundamental issue now is still a rhetoric. The pattern of education which is built kastanisasi realize educational opportunities and narrow-generation smart generation that is not economically capable of contributing to nation building.

"SBY which must be re-elected Conference of Indonesia that has a big dream with which the direction of the nation. Therefore, development of national character and education must be parallel, "he said.

Separately, the Rector of Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Komaruddin Hidayat, said the government should determine the future priorities to complete the various problems of the nation.

In the field of politics, to the consolidation of Indonesia must be an effect immediately. The nation of Indonesia as the plural fade. Menguat the spirit of regional interaction and antarbudaya tribes also the weakening of the nation. Conditions that create uneven development of sustainable and continue to widen the gap between the winner and the area behind that.

Revitalization of Pancasila

According Komaruddin, revitalization values ideology Pancasila as the nation must also be made. However, it's ideology should not use methods such as brainwashing in the era of New Order, but by involving the active participation of the community.

"The President must be able to continue future development of the nation (nation building) as a continuation of what has been built into Soekarno and economic and market builder (developer and the market economy), as was done by Soeharto," he said.

Add Komaruddin, democratization must also be strengthened in order to not weaken or cause of national cohesion. However, he said, it can be offset if the economic development of both, the rule of law, and education of quality.
Published: August 17, 2009   
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