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Shvoong Home>Society & News>News Items>EVERYDAY with Rachael Ray Summary

EVERYDAY with Rachael Ray

Article Summary   by:Katjafin    
Yum-o! This new magazine is delicious! You probably have seen this pretty
new yorker cooking up some fast but nutritious meals in the Foodnetwork in
her beloved TV show 30 minute meals or scooping what the celebs are
cooking in the Inside Dish or travelling around the country in her 40$ a day
or Tasty travels shows letting all of us know which places are the best places
to eat. The magzine I’m talking about is Everyday with Rachael Ray.

And what a magazine!! It’ll take to a culiranistic around the world trip
and back! Get your taste passport, fill your bags with groceries and off you

Rachael Ray is hard not to be noticed these days, she is one of the most

popular Celebrity Chefs, and brings fresh ideas and fun to kitchen like

other! I was lucky to get the last copy of August/September 2006 Issue

Everyday with Rachael Ray in my local grocery store, it is hot off the
press and

quickly off the magazine racks! People are workshipping Rachael in a

goddess-like manner, she is funny, pretty and she knows what she is

about: good food! And don’t we all love that?

The magazine is a natural next step for the TV shows, and the several

books she has written. For those who just can’t get enough Rachael the

magazine offers a peak to Rachael’s life - who she is and what else but

she loves (her new husband and her cute dog), the magazine gives
ideas like

where to buy same kind of earrings she is wearing or how to get the

knives, she uses on the air (from her own webpage) and how throw a

like Rachael or where to travel (with an excellent best-places-to-eat-

of course). Most importantly, the magazine is all about good food! And

of all, it teaches you everything in a no nonsense manner, taking
nothing for

granted and telling that you can cook great food too – this magazine is
for all

the Regular Joes and Janes too, not just for fancy food junkies or for the

fashionable trendsetters. The range of recipes is vast and furious, there

something for everyone in the mix, they vary from Sloppy Joes to Sushi,

Tuna to Tomatos, from Chinese to Italian, from Baking a Cake to

a Steak, from Ships to Dips. There are 57 recipes for the price of the

magazine $3.99 – a small investment for a big pay back!

The magazine is not just all about Rachael, it is also about you! You can

contribute by telling your best family recipe and share the story behind
it, like

Amy from Florida shared her Grandmother’s Apple Cake, or you can

your best tips, and worst/funniest mistakes, like using peppermint

to fasten the chicken Cordon Bleu to accidentally give it a minty taste,

Patricia in Canada did, or you can send in your favourite recipes and

will share the best of them with all of us. Don’t forget to mail your pet’s

photo either – he might be the next Pet of the Month! And don’t we all
love to

sneak into celebrity lives and hear little cossipy type bits of details of

Well, Rachael does that too! She goes straight to the fridge and shares

celebrity fridge content with us or even better: asks the celebs to tell

breakfast, lunch and dinner of one day.

If you like good food, don’t miss this magazine! Even if you don’t really

time or don’t know how to cook, it’s ok - Rachael will teach you! Like

says in her TV show ”good meal is only 30 minutes away” and there are

several great meals that you can make in 30 minutes or less with only a

ingredients. There is also a whole one week’s dinner menu, with easy

shopping list what you need for them! All the recipes come with great

and the colorful pictures talk more than thousand words. My personal

favourite is the Wine Pairing – on the end of the magazine there is a list

wines that pair well with the dinner recipes in the issue. How cool is

Published: August 08, 2006   
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