What Should You Have While Camping?

Are you heading out camping? It can be a lot of fun. Whether you are all by yourself or with a group of friends, you will be sure to enjoy your time under the stars. There are some things that you want to make sure to remember to bring, however. This will make more a much more enjoyable and exciting camping experience. Keep reading for great things you should have while camping. 


Many people don’t realize how great a generator can be when they are outdoor camping. A simple Google search of generator rental near me can also mean that you don’t need to buy one and only rent one of the times you are camping. A generator means you can have power, it means you can charge your devices, it means if you have a full camper you can even have hot water. The options are endless and it can make for a lot more pleasant of a camping experience if you 


A tent is one of the most important parts of camping. Without it, you won’t be able to sleep under the stars. You need to know how many people are sleeping in the tent and how many people need to be sleeping in the tent spot. You will need bedding for the inside of the tent which will entail a mattress as well as a sleeping bag. If you are backpacking you don’t want a tent that is too heavy. If you are going with friends you also want to make sure the tent is large enough. Regardless, by bringing a tent you will have a nice place that will be enjoyable to sleep in.


Staying warm and dry will camping is vitally important, especially if you decide to camp off the beaten track. Thermals are important if the weather is consistently cool, especially during the night. It is better to have too much warm clothing, than not enough!


What camping trip isn’t complete without a fire? Fire is hard to make without wood. Whether you are chopping the firewood from your yard, from around the campsite, or you are purchasing it from a local store, wood is a good idea to always have. This will also keep you warm. Since you are typically outside when you are camping, wood is important. 


Of course, what is a camping trip without food? If you do not have a generator or a place to keep the food from going bad, make sure that you have invested in something that will keep the food from turning. If you don’t have anything, make sure that you keep this in mind so that you purchase food that won’t go bad quickly. Things like peanut butter and jam or Ramin will help with this process. Regardless, you want to have lots of food with you and extra in case of an emergency. Food is fun when you are camping to make in front of the fire. Things like hot dogs or cooking marshmallows and hoping they don’t burn or even making smores out of them is a fun idea while you are camping, especially if you have kids! 


Although chairs are not mandatory, the log can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially if you are looking to enjoy yourself and relax all day while camping. You can invest in a hammock and tie it between two trees or you can grab a chair that you can pull up and have it for around the fire as well. It can end up being a small thing to add that gives your lower body a break!


Games can be so much fun when you are camping, especially if you are camping with a couple of people from a larger group. We recommend grabbing at least a deck of cards for the road. Although a deck of cards may not cooperate if the weather isn’t great and it is windy. You can also bring other things to do that will help you to enjoy the outdoors as well as each other while you are out experiencing nature. Of course, it’s great to stay present while you are in nature but fun games along the way can be a great way to entertain ourselves and spending fun time that will make memories with loved ones as well. 


How are you going to document the countless memories if you don’t have a camera with you? Like we said earlier, you want to be able to stay present and enjoy yourself, but it’s always fun to take photos too in order to remember the fun times you had. This way you can remember a specific moment, the specific place you camped, or a great group picture. So bring your phone or a camera and document along the way for lasting memories. 


It’s always important when you are going out in nature that you always know not only your surroundings but understand that things can go wrong. Weather can end up turning and you can find yourself stuck. You may not quite remember your way out. There are a number of things that still can go wrong and that is why you want to have little things that can end up getting you out of these situations. GPS is an easy thing to bring that can help you if you are ever lost, according to Rei.com. Make sure that you stick it inside of your backpack and enjoy the features in case of an emergency. 

There are a lot of small things that can make camping a lot more fun of an experience. It’s the little things that still allow you to be out in nature enjoying yourself but also to be enjoying yourself with a comfortable mattress and able to do fun things all around you. What is your favorite thing to bring while camping?